Benefits of winter weddings

<strong>Benefits of Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Season!

It is again that time of the year. Blossoming flowers, dew drops in the morning, long and chilly nights, smooth touch of the fur- winter seasons are the best in a tropical country like India. And the best part of this season is the elaborate season of weddings. This period has always been a carnival of celebration. PoonamMayanksSharma bring out 5 reasons why marriages in the winter are the best.

1. Climate: Nothing can replace the chilly nights while the pheras happen or the touch of mild sunshine against the cold breeze in the day time. This season makes every ritual a little more pleasurable. One does not need to worry about the arrangements for the extreme hot weather. It is not a hassle to get preparations done during this time of the year without sweating!

2. Outdoor weddings: We all have some dream exquisite outdoor wedding locations.  After all halls and closed venues tend to become boring after a point. Beautiful beach locations, temples, gardens or event forests! It is both visually attractive and convenient to have an outdoor wedding in this season. Everything is much greener and feasible.

3. Beautiful clothing: With this season, no need to worry about the material/fabric of the attire. Velvet, all kinds of silks, synthetics, brocade – the options are endless. There is no hassle in  carrying the heavy fabrics and work. There is more flexibility in wearing any kind of jewellery. All the things required for an Indian bride are taken care of.

4. Easier and fresher preparations: The quality of a wedding is decided by the freshness of the preparations. Fresh flowers, fresh food and fresher faces. Everything is easy to store and we get the best flowers of the season without worrying about their freshness for a long time. The food preparation also stays fresher for a longer time and it saves the sweating during the whole preparations.

5. Convenient traveling: Having 2-3 locations for the event during this season does not become an issue. People are open for all the traveling options without having to worry about the inconvenience of heat or rains while traveling by road or rails.

While it is a pleasant time to get married, being a peak period for weddings it is important to start the planning for the event well in advance. Happy preparations!

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