Mandap ideas for your 2017 wedding!

If there is one thing in the wedding which is basic and at the same time the focal of all the rituals, it is the mandap. A characteristic mandap catches everybody’s fancy and gives your wedding a spark. While traditional mandaps will never let you down, you can also chose a unique or different way of doing your mandap.
So, here our wedding experts bring to you the best mandap ideas to take inspiration from for your wedding.

  1. Flower hanging mandaps: The whole theme of this style of mandap is to create a dreamy and festive skylight created with strings of flowers hanging from the top. This elevates the overall look of the mandap.


2. Dome shaped mandaps: This mandap has always existed but in different forms. This year add some more elements and make it a spectacular sight for your guests!

3.  Traditional architecture inspired mandaps: This type of mandap is perfect for creating a dramatic effect. Designs and elements inspired from authentic ancient architecture make this setup beautiful and perfect for a traditional wedding.

4. An arch shaped mandap: This simple yet elegant mandap works for all types of weddings. The delicate flowers and the traditional shape make it very attractive for a mandap idea!


While these are only few of the trending ideas for this year, you may choose to go overboard and create something whacky or dramatic or quirky.



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