Garden Weddings

A nice outdoor, romantic garden wedding is perfect on a warm sunny day. There could be many variations of such wedding; barn wedding, simple home wedding or a romantic fairy wedding. So, get ready to explore some ideas to have this simple yet beautiful wedding theme!









  • Rustic barn wedding: Creating a countryside wedding effect by adding rustic elements like wooden décor, wild flowers and candles makes for a perfect garden wedding!








  • DIY Garden wedding: An outdoor wedding gives one a lot of potential to use DIY décor ideas. Some of amazing ways to show your creativity are hand-made signages, chalkboards, lantern light décor, etc.








  • Floral laurel! Adding to the flavour of the theme, a décor only created of flowers is refreshing and whimsical. It is perfect for a Mehandi or Haldi ceremony.It can be planned to complement the bride’s outfit and accessories.


  • Vintage style: Mixing vintage elements with delicate Garden setup is perfect for an English style wedding! Vintage elements such as table centrepieces, props, photo-frames, etc. can be used.


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