All white décor coming right out of a dream

Fresh & gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with an all-white wedding.

White is often used as a wedding accent color, but we’re here to show you just how stunning it looks when used as the leading hue in your palette. No matter your style, whether it’s bohemian, classic, glamorous, romantic, modern, or something in between, white wedding decor can help you create a space that’s fresh, fashionable, and uplifting on the big day. An all-white wedding or event lends itself to timeless elegance! Accent with crystal and rhinestone elements for a subtle but luxurious touch. There are various small details on a wedding on which we can work on with white and it will look as amazing and elegant as ever. Below are the few things which we can think of while working on all white for the décor of the wedding:-

White wedding decoration looks so romantic and beautiful. If you want your wedding to be in traditional style then choose a white wedding theme. Tables, flowers, cake and a lot of other decoration thing in white color will make your wedding like a fairytale. All-white weddings are a classic décor idea. But what’s new is bringing the hue into your décor by its tasteful inclusion intermittently throughout your wedding venue.

Floral Arches: Hello, statement-maker! A tunnel of floral arches is not for the minimalist couple (and you’ll need plenty of wiggle room in your flower budget), but we can’t deny that it’s breathtaking. This exquisite idea will instantly bring a fairytale effect to your wedding day. 

Candles: Boost the romantic vibes of your wedding by adding clusters of candles throughout your venue. White pillar candles and votives become a focal piece when you display them in a vintage glass lantern.

Chair Covers: Crisp white chair covers can be personalized with your wedding monogram for dose of preppy chic style.

Reception Tablescape: A color palette of creams, whites, and ivories will create a reception tablescape that’s utterly timeless. Incorporate textured linens and matching centerpieces to complete the look.

Centerpieces: Just like all-white bouquets, there’s something about all-white centerpieces that makes us swoon. These elegant arrangements complements to the rest of the table’s decor.

Flower-Studded Sky: Star-studded skies are rare in big cities even if you are having a night wedding. And if you are having a daytime ceremony or an indoor one, all you can see if you look up are draped/naked ceilings.

The Light Up Letters: Light up letters are a cute décor addition. There’s lots of fun little trends popping up in weddings but one of our fave decor ideas has to be light up letters We’re all about personalising your Big Day and a little extra sparkle to the occasion as well. And the best part is that they can be used as a photo prop by guests.

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