Interactive Weddings

Wedding industry is evolving every season with new trends and ideas. After personalized weddings, we bring to you a very interesting concept of interactive weddings. With an increasing role of social media in the weddings, the pressure to create an out of the box interactive experience with the guests has become very important. Here are few ideas to make your wedding talk of the town!

Use of innovative hashtags:  There is never enough attention that a couple can receive during their own wedding!  To further glorify their romance, couples opt for unique hashtags with their names. This gives them a sense of personalization and uniqueness.

Instruction chalkboards: So, conventional signboards are out and have got replaced by personalized chalkboard signages but what is interesting is the way these can be used to receive or send messages to the guests.

Create your own menu: Let the guests create their own recipes with an interactive food counter. Let them decide the spices/flavours for any food item and watch them having fun!

Interactive photo-booths: Now this is something that has become quite an attraction in a wedding! Engaging props, signboards and quirky setups ensure that each guest present has at least one pic at the photo-booth!

There are many more ways to make the guests a part of your wedding. Interactive weddings are a fun way to make your weddings memorable. 

Celebrating romance: Our favourite bride and groom combinations!

Weddings make for a delightful sight with the festive ambiance, colourful décor and the romantic ambiance. What makes each wedding special and different from the other is the uniqueness brought by each couple. Each couple have their quirks. We bring to you our favourite couple combinations:

This multi-cultural couple: This traditional South Indian bride and Chinese-Cambodian groom are the sweetest couple we have seen so far! Adopting the culture and traditions of the Anjana, Henri looks so comfortable in this attire!

The royal couple: Majesty reflects from every action of this couple. Krutika and Akshay Bhansali are carrying the legacy of their families in the true sense.

This NRI couple: A Kannada girl falls in love with a Punjabi boy and there are sparks flying everywhere! Juhi and Gaurav complement each other in all sense and their wedding reflected the chemistry they share.

The beautiful Muslim couple: Beauty is oozing out from everywhere with this couple. Ayesha and Zahir are a picture-perfect couple, making for an equally beautiful wedding.


Mehandi themes for a perfect wedding!

Mehandi is a special occasion for a bride as it is one event that she totally owns. At the same time, it is a light event with a lot of scope for fun and experimentation. Our brides keep discovering new trends and themes for their Mehandi. Presenting some of them:

Carnival theme: Now, wedding is a right pick for carnival for sure! Colorful décor, fabrics and clothes make this an ideal theme for a fun-filled Mehandi. Meenakari umbrellas, matkas and quirky décor add a zing to this festive environment.

Vintage theme: Some brides prefer a classy event with vintage setup and photo backdrops. Even the outfit has a hint of classic dressing with choices like Benaras silk.

Ethnic street look: With Mehandi vendor, tarot card reader and cycle around the corner, this theme looks straight out of the streets of Benaras. Couple it with local Mehandi favors like bangles to make it look even more festive.

Cottage look: This simple backyard Mehandi theme is a resemblance of the old age tradition. Just the flowers and the right ambiance is enough for such a theme.

These beautiful themes co-created by our brides and our team are a perfect pick for Mehandi this season. So let the celebrations begin!

Art forms that are trending this wedding season

Weddings are a showcase of art and culture. The most unique and creative ideas can be seen on display during this occasion. This is also a way to bring out our hidden art and articrafts of our country. Most of these arts have been used in the weddings with a twist. Here are some of them spotted by our experts!

Meenakari art: The art of Meenakari which originated from Persia, is extensively used in our weddings. The jewellery, décor items inspired by this art like umbrellas, etc. are in vogue this wedding season.


Gotta Patti: This blingy work on a lehenga or décor adds glamour to the event. Outfits ornamented by this work can be mostly found in North Indian culture.


Jaali work: This perforated art form is passed on to us by the Mughals and it brings a sense of eloquence and magnificence. Commonly used in muslim weddings, this can be used for décor as well as duppatas


Kundan work: Originated from Rajasthan, this royal stone-cut work is trending big time. Women in the royal weddings can be spotted flaunting ornaments of Kundan.


Bridal trends 2017

With every wedding season, our brides bring the latest fashion trends to light. A bride owns her wedding day and has all the right to break stereotypes, be experimental or just be plain classic on that day. Here are some of the trends that we would like to highlight that we think would trend this wedding season:

Minimalistic look: Over dramatic and gaudy wedding dresses just gave way to a new trend of minimalistic, traditional outfits. The brides are looking truer to their culture.

Rocking the pastel shades: Our brides have gone the unconventional way to choose a not so bridal color for their final outfit. Colors like pastel pink, pista green have dominated this wedding season and will continue to do so.

Whacky Mehandi ideas: Unlike before, brides now actively participate in the preparations of various occasions. Brides like to bring a certain fun quotient in the Mehandi by including playful setups, interesting favors and photobooths.

Playful matha pattis: Matha pattis have always been in fashion, what has changed though is the way brides are wearing it. More tassles, colors and patterns have emerged.

Post-Wedding photo shoots: Brides have become more open to the idea of documenting their newly married life through a post-wedding photo shoots. This is usually done in their honeymoon destination, giving them a reason to have fun.

Hustle Bustle for the wedding season preparations!

The year has witnessed some amazing weddings and the next wedding season of the year is about to begin. With this our team is all prepped up to create more authentic and creative themed weddings. Today people are more aware and sensitive towards their culture and the décor specifics. Hence, the requirement to create weddings that appeal the culturally-inclined people has increased. Bringing a sneak peek into the preparations for the up-coming weddings!

A theme that is always in vogue is the ‘Oreintal’ theme. The gold and red combination, contemporary Thai art, Budhha statues make for an exotic wedding. The Thai culture is highly influenced by Indian culture and hence these elements add value to the Indian wedding. Our team meticulously selects bronze statues, Thai paintings and fabric from the very land of Buddhist temples- Thailand. A scrupulous sourcing for right elements is carried on by Poonam herself.

While foreign land always provides inspiration for a wedding, there is never a dearth of ancient, rustic art elements in India. This time our team has decided to visit the land of festivals- Kolkata. The colonial architecture, handmade articrafts and markets popping with colours are in itself an inspiration for a beautiful wedding. Articrafts influenced by Kalighat painting and colonial architecture would be sourced from this artistic city.

Many more similar places would be visited across India for bringing in all the unique cultural elements and transpiring them into a beautiful setup. Our team always aims at creating a memorable experience for our couples. Check out our latest albums to see how these weddings got executed!

Minimalistic weddings

Grand weddings have always been a trend in India. While people will still engage in big size weddings, what is exciting is the increasing number of people opting for a minimalistic wedding with minimal resources. Given a limited budget and resources, planning a minimalistic wedding becomes challenging and interesting. Our wedding experts bring the most innovative ideas:

Lot of fabric! Colorful fabrics bring life to the wedding without investing a lot. It is a great idea to use fabric décor instead of fresh flower décor.

Hand- made decoration elements: Something as simple as origami birds, bangles, tassels, etc. can create a beautiful effect without spending a bomb on the decorations.


Chalk Boards: They are not only an effective substitute to the conventional sign boards but also a fun way to engage the guests. It gives a sense of personalization and creativity. It can also be used as an instruction board.

Opting for traditional attire: Instead of indulging in a glam outfit for the wedding, opting for the most traditional outfit for the wedding and saving the trendy outfits for other functions will not only bring down the cost but also make the wedding more true to the traditions.

Hand-made wedding favors: These personalized , hand-made gifts for the guests can bring a sense of warmness to one’s wedding.You can go wild with ideas when it comes to minimalistic weddings. Adopt these ideas and make your wedding Pinterest friendly.

A Beautiful Bangalore Wedding With Two Royal Families!

These two royals, Akshay Bhansali and Krutika Kartikeya Ghorpade met at a high-profile party in Goa. Though both of them belonged to royal families, this wasn’t a pre-planned arranged set-up. They met and Whatsapp-ed and soon, became friends. With occasional run-ins in NYC and London, soon parents became involved and fixed it up. Even though, the beginnings were charming, the planning of the wedding was done completely by the royal family. That’s why, at an Adele concert, he gave her a ring and officially proposed, something that he did on his own.


Ideas for a rustic wedding

Rustic weddings are in vogue for a simple reason, it looks raw and charming at the same time. In a country like India where grand and loud are the key words for a wedding, going rustic could be a challenge. Explaining all the vendors, managing the extreme weather conditions, etc. are all small hiccups in the process. Our Wedding experts would like to make it easy for you by bringing in some of the trends and ways for your wedding to look rustic:

Play with the centrepieces: Instead of using the usual way of doing centrepieces, you can opt for something creative and which looks like a direct inspiration from nature.More usage of day to day items for décor: Instead of using fancy and expensive décor items, opt for day to day objects to create the ambiance. The idea is to make it look effortless.Going for a raw look: Leave everything a little raw instead of going for a finished look. There is a certain charm in unkept look. So instead of using lamps, use bulbs.There are a lot more DIY ideas for such a wedding. But even the most effortless look requires an effort from experts. So, leave the planning to your planners while you see your ideas getting execute.

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