Candle light weddings

A true romantic wedding is incomplete without correct lighting. The way you light up your wedding will define the ambiance of the wedding and the beauty of the pictures. Apart from the artificial lighting, candles can be used as an alternate for lighting up the venue and as a décor element. We have suggestions for some amazing candle light weddings:


Using bar candles to light up the entrance is a perfect Cinderella wedding idea.

PMS 60


When you spend months curating the perfect place settings and centerpieces, you best use candles of varying heights to show off your handiwork. These tall, black pillar candles and mini votives do such the trick!



Tall candelabras do double duty in that they add both light and height to your table tops. At this wedding, white candles mixed with white linen tablecloths let the gold accents (and candlelight!) show off.

PMS Image 2
PMS 61


This is invariably the favourite of all couples. Votive handle candles if used properly can add up spark to the stage, entrance and even the interiors.


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