Beach Wedding in Goa

Dancing with the waves – Wedding in Goa

The fun capital of India – Goa makes for the most popular wedding destination. Varied beaches, vibrant culture and Portuguese heritage have made this place so desirable. Here is what we think as imperative for a Goa wedding:

Choosing the part of Goa : North Goaincludes the very best of Goan beach scenes with the Anjuna Beach and the charming  South goa is a calmer place with serene beaches and luxurious resorts. Depending on what kind of wedding you want, the place has to be selected.

The right weather : The wedding season that is October to March is the best time to visit Goa. Also, it is very crowded during this season so it is advised to have all the bookings in advance. Post January is a good time to plan a wedding with less crowd.

Post wedding celebration : Goa is the ultimate party destination and it is important that you plan a perfect evening/night post wedding. Sun kissed beaches, soulful breeze, vibrant nightlife, mouth-watering seafood, even casinos- everything that you need for a party!

Selecting the right resort : Weddings in Goa are popular because of its beach locations and this can be materialized only by selecting a right resort. Goa beach resorts do not fail to keep their promise, and among the various resorts in Goa, the beach resorts are set to assure the ultimate beach vacation. From up in north Goa, but mainly, down in south Goa, in what used to be sleepy fishermen villages, like on Palolem, Patnem and Agonda, beaches one can find beach huts like taken from a story book, equipped houses for rent for long termers, 5 stars hotels, boutique hotels, and luxurious Goa resorts.

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