Destinations that will trend next year for weddings

Destination weddings are something that will always remain in trend. While wedding locations such as Thailand and Goa have become quite common, couples do not fail to find new and undiscovered destinations every season. Our Wedding planners suggest top wedding destinations to look out for in 2018:

1. Morocco: As the Moroccan style wedding trends, Morocco as the destination itself is finding a place in the favourite list of the wedding planners. This place is vivid with a touch of art. It is perfect for couples looking for a bohemian wedding.

2. Ireland: Well, who does not like a vintage royal style wedding and especially when it is in a land of castles.. Ireland! This beautiful country provides for a perfect setup for a dreamy and romantic wedding. This is also less crowded for the people who want a quiet wedding.

3. Sri Lanka: Can anyone ever get weary of a beach wedding? This country is expected to climb up the ladder for the most preferred beach wedding destinations. It is not only cheaper but also easily accessible. You may also chose a yatch from India to Sri Lanka and make it a month long wedding!

4. Italy: Yes, a wedding in this country is as romantic as the country itself! The beautiful locations of Venice, Tuscany and Rome are perfect for a picturesque wedding. The perfect weather and the food options makes it the most preferred location for many.

5. Indonesia: Another offbeat location for a budget wedding. This scenic country provides the best options for a nature side wedding. Infact a wedding here could be less expensive than a wedding in India.

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