Mrs.Aditi Paranjpe

When I met u for the first time I had already interacted with about two decoration advisers, and been disappointed with them.
My problems were two….
1) None were able to comprehend that I wanted an extremely low-key decor with minimum bling as it were.
2) I wished to be part of the decor decisions , since I had some opinions and pointed suggestions about exactly what I wanted.

The moment I met u, I immediately felt u understood this.
You was more than cooperative, consistently took suggestions,was very patient,offered me some of your own valuable insights without imposing them,and reassured me that I would get exactly what I want and how I want it.
For example, you made dummy constructs several times even with several colour options, so I could be sure of how it looked onsite.
Apart from this you never even once tried to push an expensive option just to make it more profitable business-wise.
For example I changed from an orchid option to a marigold option because it suited the outfit of the bride. you immediately agreed I was right and did so whole-heartedly.
I came to you with a picture of an unusual hanging-style decor, and You were more than ready to take up the challenge to do something outside of her regular designs.
You are quick to give cost estimates, and understands that transparency in costing is important too.
You were even able to reassure me that you could do the decor for our Mumbai function ,at short notice,in case I was unable to find the right support at Mumbai.

I would genuinely like to appreciate the fact that she was extremely polished and soft-spoken in her demeanour, very sharp ,creative and intelligent,and more than capable to implement it.

I am very clear that only and only her company will do the decor for the next function ,ie The marriage of my younger daughter whenever that happens.
This really is what building a long-term relationship is all about isn’t it ?

I wish Punam,absolutely the very best for the future, because she deserves it.

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