1. Rose Petal Shower- Flower Shower photos at weddings are making a loud noise these days, and rightly so! It lends great pictures and is a moment of eternal happiness when guests drench the couple with flower petals. Showering the bride and groom with fresh flower petals is also a sign of blessing them both for blissful wedlock. There are ample of cute ways doing rounds in Indian weddings to display flower petals for guests, and they will instantly win your heart. In the times when paying attention to the tiniest details is imperative, you must not miss out on the best ways to display flower petals for at your wedding.

2. Cold Fire Works You just cannot be that conventional couple who is only willing to walk straight holding hands. I say, you make the best use of it and do not let anyone for that matter steal your sparkle. Talking about sparkle and shimmer, how about having a sparkler or a firework entrance on your reception night? Ever thought about it? If you’re already dreaming about this trending plus enchanted entry, make sure you set The Entrance On Fire With These Grand Firework Entries!

3. Smoke Bomb Be it quirky decor or peppy games or unconventional food spreads, we leave no stone unturned to make the wedding festivities one upbeat jazzy event. One such super fun and the colorful element that people go crazy over are smoke bombs. Smoke bombs are these sticks emitting colored smoke and are a great way to add that pop of color (loads of it actually) to your ceremonies and let’s not forget the beauty they add to your photos! majestic and colorful bridal and groom entry with people holding colored smoke emanating sticks around you making it a stylish wedding entry!

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