Kartikesh and Naidile Sangeet 

Camaraderie of two wedding cultures in a coffee estate town

India is a land of contrasting cultures and it is a visual treat to see two such cultures blend together for a wedding. Kannada girl marries Bihari boy in the most grandiose way. Bright decor, numerous rituals, huge gathering and a royal hosting sums up this wedding.

The story
Naidile belongs to a traditional Kannada family and openly accepted the idea of marrying the person of their parent’s choice- Karthikesh who belongs to a Bihari family and is settled in Bangalore. Naidile’s family belongs to the beautiful tourist place called Chikmaglur and hence this was finalized as the venue for marriage.

In an arranged marriage, it is rare that two families from different culture plan to have a wedding in both traditions. They wanted this wedding to be a memorable event in terms of exuberance and preparations. This is when they decided to hand over this delicate responsibility to PoonamMayanksharma. It was clear that the wedding had to be culturally rich and the reception had to be grand.

Sangeet was planned in a very elaborate way. While Naidile’s Sangeet in Chikmaglur was very radiant with pretty decorations and a small gathering, Karthikesh’s wedding was a fun-filled evening with stage performances from the artists and the couple itself. The bride’s sangeet beamed with hues of red and yellow and the groom’s sangeet was glitzy.

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