5 New Wedding Trends

2019 is all about experimentation and new ideas. Adaptation of ideas from

Here are five new trends this wedding season:

1. Hanging wedding décor: An indoor wedding is incomplete without décor elements hanging from the ceiling, but what is trending is the hanging décor for an outdoor wedding.

2. Tent mandaps: This wedding season is all about unique mandaps. A tend mandap in the middle of a nature resort is just what you want for a rustic wedding.

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3. Caption Boards: Adding unique wedding quotes that match your personality and style is the perfect way to infuse your big day with charm and excitement.

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4. Personalized Wedding favours: Wedding favorsare reflection of the characteristic of a couple. Personalized Wedding favors are trending this wedding 

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5. Ceiling décor:Hanging flowers at weddings always get us excited, and if you ask us, more couples should look up when it comes to creating statement decor for their wedding. It makes a massive impact visually and they really add a wow factor to the decoration.
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