Aishwarya and Schaum

Pastel-themed wedding decorations have become the latest fad in Indian wedding scenes and for all the right reasons!
For Aishwarya and Schaum we made these soft & sublime colours that merged pretty well together giving an elegant and cohesive look to the reception.
With constant newness brimming up, we tried to use different creative props which added to the beauty.
From amping up even the tiniest of elements of the decor to centering it around a set theme entirely, we tried keeping our ideas to a notch higher!
One particular aspect of wedding decor that’s certainly been fashioned over the years to stand out amongst the rest is the wedding stage. We made the sofa setting against a floral backdrop on a carpeted stage (white) has now bloomed up to be one of the fanciest highlights of reception decor and how
A heavenly wedding reception stage decoration idea done in white drapes with flowy floral blooms and foliage accents. Adding the perfect royal touch to the stage backdrop are the upbeat candle holders and a vintage brass white sofa.
The pathway had an arch with hanging crystals on it just complimenting the theme entirely beautifully.
The hanging chandelier and the brass sofa blend in so gracefully for those vintage vibes. The use of rustic wired props with floral decor in it had given a different impact to the decor entirely.
Photobooths literally add life to your wedding photos and we’re majorly hearting over that mini telephone photobooth we created in this reception which was decorated with multi-hued flowers! The entrance of Ritz Carlton was entirely done with ferry lights and paper lanterns which created a fairytale environment.

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