Best Pre-Wedding shoot ideas

Pre–wedding shoot is a quintessential element of a wedding. This sets the tone of the wedding. Here are some ideas and themes to go with for your pre-wedding photoshoot:

1. Antique theme: Destination pre-wedding shoots are as popular as destination weddings. In a country like India filled with palaces and forts, there are many options available for a couple to choose a royal wedding shoot destination.

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2. Created set-ups: Some just like to create a drama and personalized set-up even for a pre-wedding shoot.
Cinematic Theme: Bollywood inspired wedding shoots have always interested the couples. Choosing different Bollywood eras and dressing accordingly is not only beautiful but also a classic.

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3. Adventure shoot: If you are the adventurous kind, going for extreme sports photo-shoot could be the one for you. Under water diving, Sky diving or rope climbing are some of the best shoot ideas.

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4. Into the wild: People are choosing to be closer to the nature. A pre-wedding photoshoot planned in a forest or a nature resort is best for the rustic couple.

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