Bridal Fashion To Learn From Our Brides

Our beautiful weddings can only be ideated by a bride who is tasteful in her selection. While we never fail to bring out the best wedding trend on foreground, our brides equally charm us with their bridal trends. Bringing some of our favourite bridal trends:

1. Match the blouse with the pocket square: While matching the entire attire with each other is outdated, our brides show us the new fashion of matching the color of the blouse with the pocket square of the groom.

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2. Magic of pastels: Pastels are the new pink now as more and more brides are opting for lighter shades. Our Bride, Aishwarya shows us how to wear pastels with the right amount of glitter.

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3. Beauty lies in simplicity: Our Persian bride chose to go ahead with a classic yet elegant gown for the wedding. This white gown is definitely a head turner.

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4. Rocking in Crimson: Staying in the family of red, still choosing to be different, our bride Saima owns this Crimson look. Pairing it with Gold, she has made sure that the spotlight is always on her.

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