Common Mistakes in a Wedding

Magic wand for your wedding!
So you have meticulously chalked out the whole plan for your wedding and left no scope for a mistake. The finest details have been taken care of and no stone is left unturned to have a perfect execution. But still you could not preempt the end minute failure of the music system or change of plan of your vendor! Does this sound familiar? This is a typical scenario from an Indian wedding. Planning for a wedding is a specialized activity and needs some skillset. There is always a blind spot which one misses out while planning for a wedding. As wedding experts we bring to you common mistakes that happen which only a wedding planner can take care of:

Poor crisis Management: Vendors cancelling out at the end minute or an unanticipated weather change, these crucial crisis can spoil your plans for the big day and coming up with a Plan B immediately is not always possible. But when a professional handles the planning, he/she is always prepared for the worst case scenario. Years of experience and huge network of vendors, venues and staff helps them to handle any kind of situation.


Choosing the wrong vendor: Choosing the right and trustworthy vendor is not a cakewalk. It takes hours of research and experience to zero down on the right vendor. And even if you end up finding the right vendor, getting work done from them can be a herculean task. This results in a miscommunication and chaos on the day of the wedding which is the last thing you would want. Wedding Planners know exactly what kind of work to be extracted from which vendor. After all it is called “Vendor Management” for a reason.


Exceeding the budget! Now this one is a common mishap in an Indian wedding. Unable to preempt the hidden costs for the big day results in an increase of your allocated budget by 20-30%. We often tend to ignore the common cost of seasonal hikes in the venue price, unexpected increase in the guest list, getting emotional with gifts and outfits. It is obvious for one to exceed their original budget when planning their own wedding as it is an emotional experience and they lose the sight of the bigger picture. As wedding planners, they help the whole budget to be on track.


Ignorant of the seasonal trends: Best flowers of the season, best food of the city, latest lehanga trends, these are the things one would often ignore when loaded with tons of other decisions to be taken. Coming from the industry, wedding planners are crafted to plan the wedding which creates and follows trends.


Unable to meet the demands of family and friends: So, you are caught up planning macroscopic things but you have missed out on finer details of bride’s favorite song for the entry, the particular sweet that the groom’s mother relishes, that small performance by your friends, so on and so forth. Meeting all these demands while trying to coordinate everything becomes impossible. A professional team has everything taken care of.

While Wedding Planning is an exciting activity, it becomes burdensome if these details are not taken care of. So, enjoy this emotional experience and celebrate the union of the bride and groom while our wedding experts miraculously make everything possible for your big day.

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