Getting married under Sun and Sea

Destination wedding Thailand is an escapade from your usual life setup and nothing can be more adventurous than a wedding in Thailand. If you have always dreamt of a wedding along the waves with bare foot, followed by a fun post wedding celebration complemented with the best food collection, Thailand is the place for you. Our wedding experts bring out the reasons which make this location so desirable.

It isn’t about simplicity! If you are getting married in Thailand, it is not for its simplicity but for a potpourri of culture and activities it offers. Be prepared for a variety of locations from hills to white sand beaches to best resorts. Couple that with colourful culture and decoration options. This place is a carnival for all the creative freaks.

A place for adventure seekers: It is a place for people seeking outdoor weddings with a heart for experimentation. There are a lot of fun activities that a couple can indulge in like- Alcazar & Tiffany shows, Polynesian & Belly dancers, Fire Acrobats, DJs with Music, Trio Bands, Thai Cultural Dancers etc.

Best food Collection: It is never enough food when it comes to Thailand! From sea food to the spicy flavours, Thai food satiates all taste buds. It is easy to prepare Indian cuisine with a twist and include continental flavours as well.

Best resorts: Due to the natural flora and fauna, Thailand has become one of the few places with the best resorts. These resorts offer natural lawns, sea side locations and most luxurious villas. The stay of the guests is also taken care of. There is a wide spectrum of resorts in Phuket, Bangkong and Pataya.

Romantic Hideaway: If you are not the one who wants an elaborate wedding with an exhaustive guest list,Thailand has a varied option for secluded islands which makes for a perfect picturesque wedding. Invite your close family and friends and you are set to go for an intimate wedding!

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