Destination Wedding

Charm of a destination weddingYou don’t need magic to disappear you need a destination! The first and the foremost decision while starting your wedding preparations is deciding the “where” part. In India it is a usual practice to get married where the girl’s/groom’s family reside as it is believed to be a convenient affair. But have you ever wondered how is it to get married amongst the hills, in the midst of a misty forest, along the sunny beach or just in a fancy resort? Our wedding experts bring to you some fantastic reasons to have a destination wedding breaking the myths around it.

It is a costly affair. Really? If one really plans a destination wedding, the costs involved in it turn out be much lesser than the cost involved in a hometown wedding. While the travel expenses of the immediate family increases, the number of guests involved drastically drops. This results in overall reduction in the wedding expenses. Also, it is a myth that the destination chosen has to be a lavish or a far off place. It could as close as 250 kms from your hometown or as far as Europe from India!

Beautiful photographs, beautiful memories: Destination for such weddings typically are places which are picturesque which automatically makes for a good background for photography. There is less effort required from the photographer’s end to make the pictures look perfect as the sceneries and the perfect tones of the sky cover upall other defects.

A vacation for all! So the bride and groom are travel enthusiasts and think the only justifiable spending is that made on visiting other places. Destination wedding is the best option for such a couple as they get to travel and experience a new place and the whole event becomes a vacation not only for themselves but for all the people attending the wedding.

A closed affair: Destination weddings are definitely attractive but not everybody becomes a part of it. Not everybody wills to travel outside their town to attend a wedding of a distant relative or a far off friend. This gives you an excellent opportunity to have a wedding of your own choice with the people you love.

Make it an exclusive affair– An exclusive place for carrying out your wedding means the people involved in that wedding travel exclusively to attend your weeding, the setup is made exclusively for the couple and the ambience is specific only to your wedding. It turns out to be an angelic event where you end up feeling special and associate your wedding as an experience worth reliving.