Hottest Wedding colours 2019

2018 ended with some great weddings and themes. 2019 brings new, exciting colors and themes for the couples looking for wedding this year. Our wedding experts have picked the top color trends for this year.

Spearmint Green: Giving a feel of sea breeze and calming effect, this is a refreshing color and a hot favourite for many brides. Exotic flowers, natural fauna, lehangas, cakes, almost everything is being designed in this color.

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Peach Blush: One of the most delicate and pretty colors, Blush comes in many shades. This can be used in décor, outfits and even lighting.

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Shades of purple: Purple has always been a favourite color for weddings. This year, different shades of purple will be used to create an ombre effect.

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Offbeat Grey and white: Subtle- undertone colors like Grey will be used to form the background. Drapes, cakes and flowers of this shade will bring out the best.

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