Inspirational decor ideas for an organic wedding

An organic wedding is a one which is inspired by and created using natural elements. These are different from Eco-friendly weddings as the whole look and feel of the wedding is raw and very close to nature. Some amazing ideas to make your wedding look like an organic wedding are:

Use of wood décor: Wood is an element which can make a wedding look raw yet elegant. This can be used for centre pieces, decor panels or simply for table decor.

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Exotic and wild shrubs: Shrubs and flowers exported from outside like lilies, Baby Breath, Hydrangeas, etc. can be used for various décor purposes to make the wedding look organic yet beautiful. These flowers are unusual and look charming!
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Use of Bamboo: Bamboo is an integral part of Indian weddings. Using Bamboo for décor is not only cost effective but also gives a traditional touch to the wedding.

Paper Lanterns: These are the best way to show that you care for nature. These are best for night weddings!

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Green backdrops: Instead of using design panels or colorful flowers, climbers or ferns can form brilliant backdrop setups for an organic wedding.

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