Leila and Reza

A well – planned and coordinated wedding celebration of Leila and Reza was everything a bride could wish for – well coordinated dress codes, grand entrance and stage set-up, beautiful wedding cake.. A magical interplay of Pastel Shades to create an enchanting celebration under the Great Grand Ancient 171 Yrs old Rain Tree Played the Whole Mesmerising Magic A beautifully laid out Sofreh, ambiance painted in the shades of lilac and white and a scrumptious food layout is what a Persian Wedding is comprised of. The word “sofreh” means “spread” and “aghd” means “ceremony.” A perfect Sofreh was laid for the couple consisting of Ayeneh(Mirror), Shamdoon(Candles), Khoncheh (Assortment of seven symbolic herbs and spices), Noon-e Sangak (Persian Flatbread), etc. which signify prosperity and happiness.
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