Looking for an offbeat wedding, try these gems

Wedding is once in a lifetime event. While some may prefer a conventional Indian wedding, more and more people are opting for offbeat weddings. These weddings are not only the talk of the town but are also Pinterest friendly.

Choosing an offbeat location: Locations like Goa and Rajasthan are overdone. Try some new locations like Andaman or North East, to have an eccentric wedding experience. These places are not only attractive but cheaper as well.

Pick up a personalized theme: Themes like Bollywood and carnival are done to death. Try something that is more personalized and speaks about the nature of your relationship. Using your old pics and props that remind you of each other can be used.

Create your own bar: Create a bar for your wedding with cocktails invented by you! Give some whacky names to the cocktails or let your guests invent their own names.

Using interesting props: Using lanterns for decoration or wood logs for center pieces or simple home décor items for weddings can make it interesting. You can also choose for a whacky photo-booth.

Most important is to capture these offbeat moments in photos and videos. Wedding planners can help find you interesting offbeat wedding ideas! 

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