Decorative Wedding Planner

Menu Selection And Catering

We truly believe that good and appropriate food is the key to a successful marriage. So let us indulge your family and friends in some delicacies while you finish the vows. With the experience of working with the best venues and catering services comes the experience of selecting the right menu for a wedding.  You can seek our wedding experts for:

Vendor Selection: Not all chefs are the best chefs of the town. It is a difficult job to test all the vendors available and select the best one. And if that turns out to be the wrong selection! We prevent you from taking such risks. We have an experience and taste of best catering services.

Food To Suit The Culture​: Having expertise in hybrid weddings, we have also developed knowledge about the cultural nuances involved. Whether its Kosambari for a Kannada wedding or Dal baati churma for a Rajasthani wedding, we guide you in the entire selection process.

Different Occasions: The most exciting part of a wedding for a guest is food! Food defines the quality of a wedding. There are different food selections for different occasions. A cocktail menu selection for a reception to a high tea for a small event, we know exactly what is required when.

Looks Matter: Good food is just not about taste but the complete presentation. Our experience of gourmet food and creative sensibility results in aesthetic menu spread.