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Tips for NRI wedding in India

No matter where we stay, nothing can beat a Big Fat Indian wedding. It is a difficult task to stay abroad and plan a wedding in India. The wedding season is about to start and we have tips for people staying abroad on how to go about a wedding in India:

  1. Decide the place: The first most important thing is to shortlist few places in India and finalize one of them. This decision should be based on numerous factors including your family’s location, season of the wedding and topological conditions. All other preparations follow this.
  2. Fix on a wedding planner: Staying away from the country may result in lack of know-how of the local way of conducting a wedding. In this case, it is best to take professional help in planning a wedding. They can arrange everything while you arrive just few days before the wedding.
  3. Decide the style of wedding: It is very important to decide which style the wedding is going to take place as all other preparations depend on this. In India, for the same culture there are more than 5 ways of doing a ceremony. So decide in advance and don’t change it later.
  4. Plan your travel in advance: A wedding where the bride and the groom and their families don’t stay in the same country, it becomes essential to fix the dates and plan the travel in advance to avoid extra costs.
  5. Keep your guest list fixed: There may be cases where your guests might be flowing in from various parts of the world just to attend your wedding. Our suggestion is keep the guest list fixed and send them the invites well in advance so that they can plan their travel.
  6. Enjoy the Indian tradition: So, you might be used to the minimalistic weddings abroad and find Indian weddings a little loud. But as they say, when in Rome, be a Roman. So when a wedding happens in India, let all the elements of its culture influence your wedding.





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