Priyanka and Srinikeith

“Having Lived in the US for the Last 30 over years, the Bride’s mom wanted wedding with just the right people : the entire Family Back in India ”, Priyanka, the bride , had a perfect idea of Indian wedding in colourful hues and full of traditions and rituals. The Mehandi was setup in rainbow shades with Meenakari umbrellas and matkas. The event saw guests from different cultures and origins participating. The early morning traditional South Indian style wedding was a blow of Extravaganza with Profuse Floral Decor with a luxurious Flowers chandelier Dropping Donwards to Form a Mandap. The bride and groom beamed in traditional outfits. The Wedding was followed by a grand English Vintage reception in hues of crimson and cherry Shades . The Element of varied paper lanterns,a ceiling of Edison Bulbs and ferry lights made the Venue ambiance Larger than Life. The reception was more entertaining and fun with photobooth, personalized gifts for the guests and interesting activities. It is very rare to witness people from different cultures immersing themselves in Indian culture this way. It was a delightful experience to be a part of this wedding. The wedding is designed and curated with the tasteful choices of the Bride and her mom.
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