Shraddha's Reception

The reception of Shraddha at ITC was all about hanging floral decor and use of floral backdrop for the reception setup which left the entire venue look right out of a fairytale.
The arch at the entrance had a hanging florals and crystals which gave an elegant look to the venue right at the start. The arch was complimented with floral decor in a glass box at the corner of either sides to enhance the beauty of it.
The delicately made centrepieces were matched with the colour of the venue decor. The pathway was decorated with cluster of centrepieces in a glass box with floral decor along each side.

Floral Decor Wedding Planner
Decorative Wedding Planner Rajasthan
Candle Light Wedding Organizer
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Classic Candle Light Wedding Planner
Floral Light Decorative Wedding Planner