Resort weddings: Dos and Don’ts

Every couple fond of an outdoor, nature wedding would have dreamt of a resort wedding. There are a lot of important elements often missed out by a couple while planning a resort wedding. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts shared by our wedding experts.
1. Having a separate venue for stay: A resort wedding is perfect for a destination wedding where families from both sides want to celebrate the wedding like a holiday. Planning the stay away from the wedding venue in the resort will beat the purpose leading to chaos.
2. Same location for all events: If you are having your wedding in a resort, you are blessed. You will have options to choose from for different events of the wedding. Planning all events in the same location of the resort will make you wedding boring and the planning stressful.
3. Planning in an off season: Planning a resort wedding in extreme weather conditions or rainy weather is not the best idea.

1. Planning 6 months in advance: A destination wedding planned in a resort is a big affair and can be disastrous if not planned properly. Bookings and reservations in a resort need to be sorted 6 months in advance.
2. Checking the food: Not just location, but the overall experience of the resort is also important which includes room, accommodation, etc.
3. Hiring a Wedding Planner: Planning a resort wedding can be stressful with all the coordination and management issues. Hiring an experienced wedding planner will ensure the event goes smoothly.

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