Sparkling Wedding Ideas

A night wedding is a magical dreamlike experience if the lighting is in place. Lighting in a night wedding provides a shimmering effect and can either make or break the deal. Our wedding experts share some of the ways to light up your wedding:

1. Lantern lights: This is the most budget friendly and beautiful way of illuminating your wedding. A string of golden globes hanging from the air gives the wedding a fantasy twist. It can be used in more than one way to light up the space.

Lighting Wedding Planners in Bangalore

2. Ferry lights: Who hasn’t dreamt of a starry night wedding? String ferry lights running all over the venue is a perfect way to create a fairy-tale starry wedding effect without taking away from the main décor.

3. Night Lamps: Using lamps for night weddings not only lights up the space but also makes for a good décor element. Using vintage or unique lamps can add a zing to the wedding.

4. Chandeliers: For a wedding that is nothing less than royal, chandeliers are a prefect way to illuminate the wedding. A little experimentation with the chandelier can further spice up the ambiance.

5. Candle lights: A romantic wedding without candle lights is incomplete! This is a resplendent way of decorating the pathway and setting up the dinner for the guests.

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