Tent Mandap In Your Wedding Decor. Is It A New Trend We Are Spotting?

So we had recently featured Tanvi and Ashrith’s wedding on the blog, which stood out for many reasons- one of the most unique being the Mandap the wedding had! Yup, it was super unique, and for the first time we probably spotted a Mandap that looked like this…

A mandap shaped and like giant tent? Sure sounds odd when you say it, but it looks like a dream when you see it! So so gorgeous, and love the cascading florals all over- give it such an ethereal feel! And the colour scheme was also bang on point- sort of this dull millennial pink that did not look too overbearing, and gave it a very elegant look and feel!


Tanvi and Ashrith
Tanvi and Ashrith

Here is a closer shot of them gorgeous floral chandeliers- dreamy right?

Cascading white and peach florals with the pink tent- pretty perfect we’d say. So is this a new trend we’re spotting? Do you think this is something that could really catch on?