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Ahritha Gowde

Asritha Gowda

Poonam and her husband were very patient in listening to what decoration i wanted for my reception . They have unique designs and modern art..They lived upto the expectations.. It was a French window design for the stage and cherry blossom for the outside. It was wonderfully done . Thanks a ton !
Akshitha Prabhakar

Akshitha Prabhakar

Poonam and team did a wonderful job in putting my reception and wedding decor together, the decorations were aesthetically amazing and beautiful, everything was perfectly done on time as per our expectations and there was no compromise in the quality! Kudos to her brilliant work! đź‘Ź
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Jayesh Chakravarthi​

Poonam did an excellent job of designing and delivering the themes for my daughter’s reception & muhurtham, both at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore. It was her work that made the events magical. A summary of my experience with Poonam & her associates: 1. Very committed 2. Experienced (knows her work) 3. Great rapport with the hotels – very important for co-ordination. 4. Creative 5. Very good set of workers – quick & efficient 6. Dependable – punctual and meets commitments 7. Fair but tough in her dealings 8. A tad expensive! I would happily give her the contract to decorate the events at the weddings of my son and other daughter, in the future.
Sandesh Chandrashekhar (1)

Sandesh Chandrashekar

Poonam owned the decor for my sister’s wedding and it turned out to be beautiful. For that memorable day the wedding hall, it was very elegant. The decor was setup on the stage for the reception in the night and then in the center of the hall for the wedding on the next day. Poonam and her ground team organized it so seamlessly that I never felt they got in the way of any wedding proceedings. On the other hand they helped us out extra during the late night shastras with some last moment requests. Not to mention a lot of my relatives were pleasantly surprised with the whole wedding, of which the decor played it’s part perfectly. Apart from the wedding day, I am really appreciative of Poonam for working through with us on finalizing the whole thing. She was very tolerant and easy to communicate with, which even paved way for us to resolve any miscommunications in a good way. Finally, thanks to Kushboo and rest of the team working on the wedding day and making it all come together!
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Babloo Thomas

Poonam and team did a fabulous job of executing the requirements for my son s wedding at St.Mark cathedral Bangalore and our functions @ the RITZ CARLTON .
Her ability to understand visualize and translate our complicated requests was outstanding .
Very organized & competent and extremely reliable .

Wedding Organiser - poonam mayank sharma

Aditi Pranjpe

“I had asked Poonam Sharma to do the decor for the marriage function for my daughter. I have only the deepest appreciation for how she approached my requirement . She is a very polished and gentle personality.1)She quickly understood my brief and realised that I wanted understated and classy decor 2)Not once did she try to push a more profitable option and in fact quickly changed in one case the decor from orchids to marigolds since the color worked more for us. The orchids were way more expensive but she proactively suggested the change herself. 3)Since I am artistically inclined she went the extra length to connect with me on design decisions 4)She was absolutely ready to try never-tried decor options and most important understood the design concept quickly. 5)She is very sharp and intelligent and hence it does not take time to get your thoughts across. 6)In a last minute crisis when too much sunlight shone through onto the marriage mandap she got additional covers on mandap put in within half hour of my calling her. 7)She on her own initiative did constructs 4 times , on site , to reassure me about what The actual look will be like. 8) Poonam is one who literally functions like a family member and only she will do the wedding decor for my second daughter too . I wish her the very best for the future.”

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Shifali Gowda

Poonam had done my cousin’s reception decor a few years ago and I was super impressed with her work so I particularly wanted her to do my engagement decor. And as expected, she delivered more than she promised. My decor was much more beautiful than I had imagined thanks to her. Lots of compliments from the guests as well. Also very professional, understands the requirements very well and makes her client’s life easier! I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants a classy job done.

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and an overwhelming task for anyone, a lot of things needs to be done, right from calling your wedding photographer to the last ceremony of the wedding, everything is very important. You can get very exhausted if things aren’t done in a systematic way and in a proper order. Thanks to Poonam For making this task easy for us and making it an enjoyable and memorable moment for all of us. I would recommend her for having a well-planned and systematic wedding!
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Aishwarya and Vikhayat

I was hell bent on a “dusty rose fairytale” theme.. We found the best event manager Poonam, Who delivered exactly what I had in mind.. It was spectacular.. words can not describe how perfect everything was. The best part was she stuck around with us till the very end of the event delivering everything that was requested. Compliments are still pouring in. I didn’t have to mention the theme to any of the guests.. they all knew it was a fairytale engagement and the decor spoke for itself.
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Monisha George

I wanted a simple, elegant and classy wedding. It is one thing to have a planner and decorator who understands your vision and requirements, but it’s very rare to find someone who exceeds your expectations and pays attention to every minute detail without being asked to do so. Thank you Poonam, the decor was absolutely stunning!
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Hi Punam We take great pleasure to inform you that we made the right decision to choose you as our Event decorator for the Reception of our daughter .We deeply appreciate your thoughtful actions executed to the minutest details keeping in mind our suggestions and expectations. First and foremost, the decoration of the stairway was a total surprise! The color of the fabric equally matched the Bride and Groom’s outfit. The Grand Entrance with the peach flowers and lamp and little candles strung on pearls were a hug surprise again. The Grand Entrance was enthralling .It drew the guests into the Hall like Magic! The Stage setup with the ivory curtains as backdrop and the white and peach flowers deco and the hanging candle lamps was exactly the way my son wanted. Even the beautiful candles placed on the edges of the stage brought a smile to our lips. As we thought that you have given importance to all the details suggested by us, and executed all our thoughts perfectly. The Grand Entrance and the Stage Deco brought the perfect Ambience to the Hall and our Event. The Bride and Groom looked stunning amongst the backdrop of white and ivory. We take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for executing such a beautiful setup and making our Big Day a Grand Success. I should also mention that the price quoted by you is of very reasonable standards compared to the high quality of decorations that you have used. Thankyou for your patience and perseverance in coordinating with us. The grooms’ family and the guests appreciated the beautiful deco. We wish you many more Successful Events Ahead!

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Mukul Chakravarthi

“I would strongly recommend having her plan your wedding no matter the scale!

“I had the good fortune of being introduced to Poonam as I began planning for my sister’s wedding at a luxury hotel in the city earlier in the year. One must admit that this was the first wedding in the family for a long time; or at least the first that I had to work on, in my life. Given the situation, I couldn’t have thought of a better person to help plan this memorable event for us. From the get-go, Poonam was a straight shooter. Her understanding of the complexities and nuances of wedding planning were formidable. Our first meetings, very much like the ones that followed, were highly interactive. She introduced us to her repertoire of work through a large repository of images and designs on her laptop, and helped us sift through the images, gauging our taste on the one hand, while giving us valuable perspective on the costing of each design, on the other. An essential quality that one must look for, while choosing a wedding planner is their understanding of the venue. With Poonam having hosted events in nearly every popular venue in the city, her understanding of the advantages and shortcomings of wedding venues – be it convention halls or five star hotels – was a defining trait during our interaction. An added advantage that I had working with her was that she had planned several such events at the same venue in the past. Hence, she not only had a firm grasp of the environment, but had a great working relationship with the hotel’s staff – a huge advantage. Another advantage of working with Poonam is that she covers the whole gamut of wedding preparation: décor, flower arrangement, lighting, props and dress accessories with an in-house workforce. This not only eliminates the time spent on tedious negotiations with individual vendors and craftsmen, but also ensures that decisions are made faster with minimal lapses in communication. The Final Outcome Come wedding day, the whole venue was transformed into something we never thought possible – it was almost surreal. The attention to detail, the freshness of the flowers, and the colour tones used were immensely gratifying. The best part: we were kept completely insulated from late-night phone-calls asking us to source a certain material, or letting us know of an operational hiccup. We were simply asked to walk into the banquet hall on the day of the event to enjoy the final product in all its grandeur. This is what set Poonam apart for me. She sets the right expectations, adapts to situations and most importantly, delivers a solid product. And that is why I would strongly recommend having her plan your wedding no matter the scale”

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Suresh Ramachandran

We did two events with Poonam and Team. My daughter’s engagement at Taj Gateway in April16 and my Grandson’s naming ceremony at our residence this month.

Both events went very well. They delivered creative and beautiful floral backdrops/stage, everything was delivered on time as committed, every little item required for the ceremonies was arranged, the staff were very co-operative and costs were reasonable.

We look forward to doing more events with them in future.



We had the pleasure of your service for our daughter’s wedding on 9th April, 2017 at the Vivanta by Taj, M.G. Road, Bengaluru. We deeply appreciate your polite, prompt and very professional approach to provide suitable decoration that created the perfect ambiance. We also admire your ability to work according to our requirements and provide a tasteful, simple and elegant set-up, which was greatly appreciated by our guests. I once again thank you for all the help in contributing to make our daughter’s wedding a memorable one. I hope we will be able to work with you again sometime.

Wedding Organiser - poonam mayank sharma

Veena Wadhwa

Poonam did a lovely job at my wedding with the decorations . It looked exactly like we had planned , and we were extremely pleased to see her work on that day with hardly any help from our end. I recommend Poonam to anybody looking out for someone to support with the decor for a party/wedding for her support and quality of work. Thanks a lot Poonam for making that day so special.

Swapna Dasara

Poonam did the decor for my wedding at Taj Vivanta, and oh my, she was truly a blessing in disguise. Right from patiently hearing out a nervous bride, to giving very valuable suggestions about the decor, to impeccably executing the requests – every little detail that I had asked for, was taken care of, and made better. She gave my June wedding a classy fairy tale touch, and made it all the more memorable. Thank you Poonam!

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Nisarga Markandaiah

A big thank you to Poonam and Mayank who set the decor for my Mehendi ceremony in Le Meridien. What I loved while working with Mayank is how responsive he was to all my emails and queries as I was remote. On the day of the ceremony, everything was as perfect as promised. The decor was really extraordinary and creative. I love their promptness, innovativeness and the ease of working. Highly recommend.

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“Our wedding went really well. The reception stage truly was a class apart! You definitely took us way beyond our imagination. Totally satisfied. The quality of your work was really good. You did keep your word. Thanks for everything”

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Nivi and Scott

A massive thanks to Poonam for the stunning decor and set up at our wedding reception at Taj Westend. We were absolutely over the moon with the lovely work done for the stage. The theme of white flowers and branches with hanging lanterns made the place look magical, and we felt so special. The candelabra center pieces for the tables looked so elegant and gave the place a very majestic feel, which is just what we wanted. All of our guests were amazed by how beautiful the ballroom looked, and we received several compliments to this effect. Poonam, we would recommend you 100%, and thanks again for making our night so memorable.

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Raghav & Asha Menon

Our Daughter’s wedding was handled by Ms poonam in a most professional manner and her commitment to the detailing was Exemplary.Would Recommend her Service to Every One.

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Radhika Chaturvedi

Thank you for the wonderful work your team did for my wedding. It was ur creativity and innovation to its best for my kitch themed sangeet. I am a very happy bride who enjoyed the beautiful ambience of the spectacularly decorated pool side wedding. Flowers by design was resourceful and efficient with all a family can ask for their only daughter’s wedding. Thank you for making it special.

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Mrs.Aditi Paranjpe

When I met u for the first time I had already interacted with about two decoration advisers, and been disappointed with them.
My problems were two….
1) None were able to comprehend that I wanted an extremely low-key decor with minimum bling as it were.
2) I wished to be part of the decor decisions , since I had some opinions and pointed suggestions about exactly what I wanted.

The moment I met u, I immediately felt u understood this.
You was more than cooperative, consistently took suggestions,was very patient,offered me some of your own valuable insights without imposing them,and reassured me that I would get exactly what I want and how I want it.
For example, you made dummy constructs several times even with several colour options, so I could be sure of how it looked onsite.
Apart from this you never even once tried to push an expensive option just to make it more profitable business-wise.
For example I changed from an orchid option to a marigold option because it suited the outfit of the bride. you immediately agreed I was right and did so whole-heartedly.
I came to you with a picture of an unusual hanging-style decor, and You were more than ready to take up the challenge to do something outside of her regular designs.
You are quick to give cost estimates, and understands that transparency in costing is important too.
You were even able to reassure me that you could do the decor for our Mumbai function ,at short notice,in case I was unable to find the right support at Mumbai.

I would genuinely like to appreciate the fact that she was extremely polished and soft-spoken in her demeanour, very sharp ,creative and intelligent,and more than capable to implement it.

I am very clear that only and only her company will do the decor for the next function ,ie The marriage of my younger daughter whenever that happens.
This really is what building a long-term relationship is all about isn’t it ?

I wish Punam,absolutely the very best for the future, because she deserves it.

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Sanya Blumberg

I hope you are doing well, my apologies for not having a chance to say good bye properly.

I wish to thank you and your lovely wife for decorating our events, We were very pleased with our collaboration with your company.

I thank you for your graciousness and professionalism throughout. Wish you a successful and prosperous year and looking forward to many collaborations in the future.

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Nivedita and Rajiv

Thank you for being part of our celebrations – our happiness increased manifold with the beautiful environment that you created . The settings was like out of a fairy tale!!!

Namita and Sushanth

Poonam was recommended to us by someone and we were absolutely delighted to have used her for all our wedding events, including the Mehendi ceremony at home. Her attention to detail and care for my needs as a bride were impeccable. She knew I loved lotuses and kaleeras, and even had a surprise mandap planned for me. Highly recommend Flowers by Design and Poonam for their professionals and genuine care for their clients!

Smita H. Shetty

With the wedding celebrations over, I am slowly getting back to my routine. While I do this, I will be failing in my duty if I do not express my appreciation for the good work that you have done in relation with the above celebrations.

From the time I met you in your office, I was truly impressed by the amount of stock you hold of all the artefacts that you need as props. This tells me that you are serious about your business for the long run and therefore, think it necessary to invest in such props.

Secondly, on talking to you, I realised that there was an in-depth passion of flowers decorating and putting the whole picture together for a particular function. This I believe, is the main ingredient that differentiates between a good professional and otherwise. Your knowledge of the constituents of your business is very impressive and it further cemented my confidence in your ability to do a good job.

Thirdly, you showed a genuine interest in working at venues because of the unique setting that stole your heart and you wanted to take this opportunity of decorating them.

From then on Punam, I did not have to look back on anything. You took this as a mission for yourself and executed it to perfection without leaving any stone unturned. At every stage, you co-ordinated efficiently, ensuring that samples and details were explained to me and you had a perfect understanding of what you were doing was exactly what I had asked for and discussed. The result was simply PERFECT. A simple venue you transformed into a fairy land with your lights, paper lanterns and beautiful flower arrangements. Everything put together had a magical effect in transforming the places. All my guests along with blessing the couple had a special word of congratulations for the beautiful decor. In all honesty, these congratulations goes to you, right from the gate to the Mantap, you highlighted the natural beauty of place and enhanced it with your skill.

I along with my family thank you for the support that you extended to us at this function and made it a truly memorable one for us.

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Natasha & Tom

Tom and I wanted to extend our most sincere thank you for all your hard work with the decor for our wedding. You were the unofficial star of the show for each of our events. All of our guests as well as the hotel staff commented on how incredible the decor was everyday. We especially loved what you did on our wedding day. The flowers for the Nikah were gorgeous and the ballroom looked impeccable! Thank you so much again.