Weddings are for forever

Ways to document your wedding
Have you ever wondered what makes a wedding worth cherishing even after 30 years? It is not worth remembering just because of the way we looked that day or the décor of that day. The answer lies in the way it is documented. A well captured wedding can create memories of a lifetime and can make the most basic setup look exquisite. At the same time neglecting this aspect can make the most beautiful wedding look disastrous. It defines the finale of your wedding. Other than the usual photographs and videos, there are various ways of documenting your wedding:

Pre-wedding photo-shoot: This has become a pre requisite for a wedding off late. This involves a romantic shoot in a beautiful setup to capture the romance between the couple. This could also be used as an invitation for your wedding which can be circulated through social media.

Things to remember: The shoot has to reflect the identity of your relationship and it is important to hire a professional for such a shoot

Candid Photography: How beautiful would it be to go back to your wedding album and get a glimpse of how it felt that day with the exact expressions! A Candid photographer clicks you in your natural self which helps to capture your exact emotions and expressions. This has gained popularity because it is closer to reality and does not demand any posing.

Things to remember: Candid photos should not be faked or posed or else it would lose its essence.

Wedding video: Wedding video is the journey of your wedding exhibited through a video. This video generally consists of conversations, clippings and photos. It is the best way to tell the story of the couple in the shortest time possible.

Thing to remember: It is important that the video looks like a story and not a compilation of images. This is the chance for the couple and the video grapher to go creative.

Destination photo-shoot: This is a concept where the couple goes to some destination and gets a shoot done. This typically takes place post wedding and in a honeymoon destination. This gives couple ample time to be prepared and have the shoot leisurely.

Aerial photo-shoot: This kind of photography captures the whole wedding from an aerial view and gives a more comprehensive experience. This is suitable for an outdoor or destination wedding. This can also go as a live feed on your Twitter!

Things to remember: This requires special skills and photographers and should not be risked with a normal photographer.

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