Each wedding, an art piece

Wedding is an exclusive event of one’s life but for us each wedding is exclusive. We believe Wedding Planning is not a job that enables a wedding but an art of creating the best story for the wedding day. Personal in conceptualizing, professional in planning. That is how we create signature weddings!For us, each couple is unique and beautiful and wedding day is an event which embarks their journey. To create this unique story, we embellish each wedding by chosen ideas from the imaginative minds of Poonam and Mayank Sharma. Appreciation for cultural requirements, understanding family expectations, trend indulgence and destination complaisance are few skills which help us in fulfilling this chimera. Some weddings require exuberance, some require romance, some demand royal experience, and still some are simple and classy. We ensure we paint each story artistically.We execute the conceptualized ideas with our excellent planning skills.  Professional know-how, innovative streak, experienced staff and huge network are just tools that enable to achieve our vision. We understand each element of the wedding requires special attention. Exquisite flowers to compliment our romantic theme to a grand baraat to deliver exuberance.  Lavish venues for the royal wedding to serene environments for the classic wedding. All-embracing styling for the experimental bride to authentic cultural styling for the traditional bride. We make sure nothing stops us from implementing our ideas and you from dreaming for the perfect wedding.


Incorporating crystals into your wedding décor is a unique way to customize your venue. Focus on the way crystals can add a unique sparkle to your space while simultaneously infusing positive energy into the environment. There are a variety of crystals available to you whose properties have the desired purpose you seek while also being aesthetically appealing. Different ways to use crystals as décor include using them as centerpieces, as bouquet accents, as place settings, to accent your wedding cake or as wedding favors. Treating your guests with a little crystal energy will uplift their spirits and create a uniquely memorable gift for their home.


White wedding decoration looks so romantic and beautiful. White is often used as a wedding accent color, but we’re here to show you just how stunning it looks when used as the leading hue in your palette. No matter your style, whether it’s bohemian, classic, glamorous, romantic, modern, or something in between, white wedding decor can help you create a space that’s fresh, fashionable, and uplifting on the big day.

Tables, flowers, cake and a lot of other decoration thing in white color will make your wedding like a fairytale. All-white weddings are a classic décor idea. But what’s new is bringing the hue into your décor by its tasteful inclusion intermittently throughout your wedding venue.


Pink is such a romantic color that many brides use it as the main color scheme of their weddings. Why not? Nothing would make her wedding more special and romantic than to have a pink wedding theme.

A cake covered completely in pink fondant or butter cream is the perfect choice. Pink wedding cakes are a gorgeous addition to any special day.


A tend mandap in the middle of a nature resort is just what you want for a rustic wedding. We created the canopy styled Mandap which exuberated romanticism and was one of its kind. Popularity caught the name of it as “The Tent Wedding” The Mandap was done in huge pastel pink cloth and surrounded by peach and white floral strings, hung in a chandelier style from the tree top which was itself a 100 years old tree, creating a visual symmetry around the Mandap giving it a Tent Look. A Mandap shaped and like giant tent? Sure sounds odd when you say it, but it looks like a dream when you see it! So so gorgeous giving it such an ethereal feel. This wedding season is all about unique mandaps.


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Intricate Backdrops

Crafty modern backdrops are replacing the conventional designs. French Window Panel designs, Laser cut panel designs, oversized flowers beautifully paired with ceiling flower decor created by us are defining the trends of modern #stagedecor.   

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Hanging Wedding Decor

A wedding decor is incomplete without some ‘over the top’ decor elements. We have excelled the art of creating hanging decor elements, curated for each wedding – hanging lights, flower arrangements or fabric.

Natural Tree Twig Decor

Dreaming of a #CountrySide #rustic wedding? Beautifully infused into the wedding decor, these Natural #TreeTwigs bring the raw edge required to make your wedding staright out of a woodland.

Romantic Chimare​​

If there is one trend in weddings that would never get old, it would be personalized weddings. Every wedding whether themed or not becomes special when a pinch of personalization is added to it. Here are a few ideas to make your wedding truly yours.

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Blush And Copper​​

Blush, Copper and everything nice! That is the color trend for weddings, 2018. Our wedding experts predict the mix of subtle hues of Blush and metallic Copper to rule this wedding season. This unique color combination will be complemented by use of exotic flowers, copper sculptures and drapes.
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Unique Center Pieces​

Weddings are made perfect with small details. We specialize in creating table centre pieces that are unique. They complement the theme of each wedding. Delicate, rustic, traditional or English- each one of these is a creative mix of all with a tinge of experimentation. Truly artistic!

captions and hashtags

Seems like the wedding hashtag craze has hit everyone. But nobody’s talking about how to make one, how to inform guests, how to display it on the wedding?And in 2019, it’s as important as your wedding invite (well, almost)!


An Indian wedding is incomplete without Marigold decoration. The charm of exotic flowers cannot be denied but a true desi wedding needs a hint of Marigold in décor! It is not only easily available but also budget friendly
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Quirky Wedding

Every new wedding is a new story mirroring the style of the couple. We understand this and specialize in creating a unique ambiance for each couple and when it comes to creating quirky setup for the free spirited couple, PoonamMayankSharma are the trendsetters.
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Cute Wedding Photo Poses

Photography is an important part of weddings. If captured well, they create a lifetime of sweet memories. But a photograph without a perfect pose is incomplete.We have managed to gather and present the cutest poses given by our couples for their weddings
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Rustic Décor Props

If you have a soft spot for a natural look with a earthy undertone, then a rustic wedding may just be your style. Rustic can embody different vibes while still maintaining its overarching rural allure.

Trending welcome boards

It’s always important to make a great first impression,especially at your wedding. The best and easiest way to do this is to display a creative welcome sign at the entrance of your ceremony