Wedding Event Planner

Wedding Communication

Because the world needs to know your life together begins this day. Wedding communication is a creative way to give out information about your wedding. We specialize in the following:

Invitations: The trends for the invitation cards keep changing and being wedding experts, we bring out the latest trends and the best way to invite your guests. E-invites to Shagun invites, we

Stationery: Wedding communication just does not end with invitations. We take care of end to end stationery involved in a wedding. Weddings are personalized events and from the signages to the give away gifts, we make sure everything reflects your wedding style.

Welcome Note: Making your guests feel like home is the most important thing in hospitality. We create the most innovative and professional welcome notes to do exactly the same!

Wed-sites: Wed-sites are websites made only for your wedding! This trend is soon catching up and is a brilliant way to create an identity for your wedding. So just tell us how you see your wedding and we will make store the world perceives it that way!